Sunday, July 18, 2010

part 9 -update and links

Holy crap! Did you make it through that whole story or did you just click on this page? It's summer of the year 2010 as I type this. Brianna and I are getting married in October somewhere in Oregon! We did end up moving here in 2006 and love it. Brianna is doing great for being a Californian. Somehow she likes all the rain here and might have even become allergic to the sun! We still miss our friends and family in Connecticut, San Pedro and Long Beach but we're having some sweet fun.

My long time buddy Barney Rubbish moved out a couple years ago from the other Portland in Maine. Together we annihilate camping spots from Mt Hood to Mt St. Helens in rain, snow and sun! Barney is a self proclaimed camp-baking-master. If you ask him about camping with me he will no doubt tell some bullshit tale about how he saved my life ten times. All I know is I always have to pack an extra knife cause he forgets his all the time. Or at least he has ten times. Not too long after Barney came out, a friend from Long Beach, Cliff Barackman, joined in ransacking Portland with out-of-towners.

                                             Barney Rubbish

Cliff and me both set our sights on Portland for the same reasons. It's the perfect city to live in for squatchin'. Cliff is a much more serious researcher than myself, packing in sound recorders, nightvision scopes, thermal cameras and game camera traps! He's been cool enough to let me tag along and learn the tricks of the trade. Over the past couple of years we have traveled hundreds of miles through all kinds of crazy remote spots. Cliff has come a long way since he got here and now has the best blog on bigfooting and other exciting things in the works. He's sacrificed and payed his dues spending more time in the woods than most! If you know where a bigfoot is hiding in the Pacific Northwest please contact him!

                                                  me and cliff

I would be a poser if I said I still ride my moped all the time. Just ask the Puddle Cutters, I'm retired for now. I used to ride it to work everyday until the commute became too far and I had to be at work at five thirty in the morning. Brianna on the other hand only works a couple miles away and was riding it everyday until she was hit by a car. She got lucky and was only a little beat up but nothing serious. Then more recently she crashed again, this time the brakes locked up and she flipped over the handle bars almost getting hit by a bus. Since then I figured the moped was better off broken in the garage. I do plan on getting it fixed soon with a combination lock only I know.

           Here are some links to places that have info on things!?


-to buy a moped in southern California go to Myron's!
       the guy who made Napoleon dynamite did

-on this link some buddies go from SF to South America! Moped long distance record by a couple creatures of the loin! below is their video!

-this is the story that gave me hope I could do this on a moped. Walter Muma's 1978 11,500 mile moped trip!

-to read about Dave Clark's motorcycle journeys the (guy who flagged me down on the Olympic Pennisula) try this link
                                     OUTDOOR SCHOOLS

-for a wilderness skill school in California I recommend Headwaters Outdoor School  

-I also highly recommend Mike's classes at Bushcraft Northwest
  his store is also chock full high quality stuff at great prices!

-Derek Randles runs awesome backpacking trips in the Olympic Peninsula. A bad ass outdoors man that can climb those ridge lines! If you ever wanted to explore the Olympic back country with a guide he's your man hands down!  If you don't believe me just ask Bob Saget.

-check out Cliff's blog

-a long time running, chock full of info site is the BFRO's

-for the cultural side to the bigfoot phenomenon check out bigfoot lunchclub

-ready to rock? check Tom Yamarone's bigfoot songs

- If anyone is going to get a camera trap picture, it's these guys!

-for early american bigfoot reports Scott McClean has the goods!

-you should also catch up on the legend of Bobo. a good place to start is here around the 2:51 mark. He's the guy spiking the ball and shootin' the guns!


  1. RESPECT!!! You have balls that clank dude, I wish I had seen it for myself. As an {armchair} bigfoot researcher and a guy that loves anything with two wheels, my hat's off to you. I've also watched you and Cliff doing the video debriefs for Finding Bigfoot, and I gotta say I enjoy them as much or more then I enjoy the show.
    P.S. I was pissed that you didn't get any back-of-the-head time at any town hall meetings.

  2. Too bad that you gave up on mopeds I have a scooter that I just love I live in a rural area and instead of jumping in the truck to ride into town I take the scooter. Its 10 miles to town but I love the ride and the open air it feels great and its better this time of year when it’s not so hot. Love your story it reminds me of some of my adventures as a younger man. I will give you some advice keep those dreams alive and don’t lose them because as time goes by more thinks will pop up and it will try to hold you down don’t let life in the way. Good luck Lee